Balls Experimental Launches

Balls 2003

Balls 2004

2004 Visit was a year of the big projects The big Nike Project & Honest John Projects.

Balls 2005

2005 was the first year that we had Tripoli founders at the launch to watch the Tripoli Pittsburgh #1 group project.

Balls 2006

2006 This year we went our earlier before the launch to start exploring the whole Black Rock Desert.

Balls 2007

2007 Was my biggest, longest, most fun trip of my lifetime.  I flew from Pittsburgh to Zurich, Switzerland to attend the Argos launch, then back to Reno, NV to attend the BALLS launch, then finally back to Pittsburgh and home.

Balls 2008

2008 Again was a large group of Pittsburghers attending the west coast BALLS experimental launch.