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Springfest 2005
March 2005

900 Mhz telemetery - This is the antenna I use to receive my RDAS telemetery

DSCF0001,0002,0003 - Pictures from the flight line.

DSCF0004 - Someone preping a small Mosiquo, Sorry after Woodys rocket none of
these seem very big anymore.

DSCF0006,0007,0008 - The two stage nike getting ready for launch. A total of five
motors where in this rocket.

DSCF0009 - The nike going up. The weather was lousy that day and some of the motors
lite late so it took off sideways. Also sorry my film camera was left in Les'truck.

DSCF0010 - My flight line neigbors rocket

DSCF0011,0012,0013 - Here is an example of Vegas trailer and layout.

Dish - This is my antenna for the 2.4 Ghz video transmitter.

Film1 - Got NOS??? I gota paint my tank this way!

Film2 - Me and the Vector2A ready for its flight. Yes it was that cold and windy.
I was frezzing. The vegas group told me I launch in a twenty MPH wind. Not too
bad of a flight with that much wind.

Film3,4 - By neigbors rocket again.

Film5 - Kendle and the flight line.

Video1-4 - Capture shots from my video. I am going to try to recapture these shots
to clean them up.

"The Rocket ICONS" - These are my RDAS and Prefect flight altimeter data for downloading.
Due to my RDAS data lost this is just the GPS data.

VECTOR2A Telemetery PDF - This is the PDF file of the data I received during the flight.
Unfortantly the data was mostly lost 1/2 second into the flight. It did receive some
data after the main chute came out. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Springfest 05 PDF - This is a graph of the prefect flight data.

Vector2A GPS DATA JPG - The is a graph of the recovered GPS data. It really shows the
wind blowing on the rocket.

VECTOR2A MPG - A video of the flight. I lost a lot of video but I expected that. Its
still neat to look at and try to watch for the flight line in the high shots.