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Mid Ohio Sept 2004

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OK! I know the quality is very poor. But I had just gotten the
camera the afternoon before. In fact I just mounted it in the
rocket just this morning. So for the next flight I will be putting
in a proper window and improving the receiving antenna.

This is a test video of my launch at Tripoli Mid-Ohio using my
Vector 2A rocket and a wimpy AMW L700 motor. The camera is a
new product from Radio Shack a 2.4Ghz wireless camera. {49-1060
A special order product from any store. $99} I was using the stock
antenna on the receiver that is only suppose to give 300 foot
range. So I did much better than that. The video was capture
onto my laptop using a Dazzle USB video capture device.

Improvement To Do List:
1. Cut a proper window in the side of the rocket, cover with
clear plastic to keep out the wind.

2. Get a small 2.4 GHz dish attenna to increase the reception
range of the video. This is an open mesh dish used for Wi-Fi

The camera is small enough to fit inside a D motor size rocket!