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Sam Gordon's Interstate Launch Fac.

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June 24th was a very good day to be flying rockets. First there was the usual Pittsburgh Space
Command sport launch. Which had a very good turn out. Then there was Sam Gordon's
Interstate launch up near Oil City, Pa. Sam has the use of this farmers field out in the middle of
nowhere. There he has built a little launch complex. Consisting of two raise launch pad where he
likes to launch his big rockets from. The night launch itself was pretty neat, as usual Sam had a
lot of kids there with there parents all waiting to see the rockets fly. It was only Frances Graham
and myself attending from Pittsburgh area. Frances save his big mono copter for this event, and
after the usual bad motors he finally got it to fly on a couple of "D" motors. But it was exciting as
away's due to the fact that one of the two "D" motors Cato. So besides the standard smoke
twisting around we got a big boom out of the mono copter this time. {But it did fly.}

As for my flights I launch my LOC IV on a couple of "G" motors. The first flight wasn't the
greatest due to the fact that the Eco Jet G-35 just spatter on the pad for a while before lifting off.
Which cause the rocket to hit a little harder than usual, but after fixing a minor fin problem with
some super glue I flew the Loc IV again on a G-80 for a nice high flight. The crowd liked that
flight this time.

Since Sam was waiting for darkness to launch his two HP flights. I decide to fly at least one high
powered flight before darkness. Since it wasn't going to be dark for a long time yet. I decide to
give the crowd a demonstration on how to build a reload able H motor. So after Sam told the
crowd what I was going to do I had a big gathering around me as I built my H-242 for my IROC.
The crowd had a lot of good question to ask, and it wasn't just the kids, the adults ask a lot of
question also. So who knows maybe we got a couple of more people to sign up. After the demo I
loaded up the rocket to the pad and launch it. I think the whole crowd mouth drop as they saw my
IROC climb to about 1500 feet.

After getting my IROC back and seeing that it was in prefect shape I loaded up a I-211 "White
Lighting" for the night launch. At this time the local fire company stop by to tart getting the
fireworks ready for its launch after the three high powered rockets had lifted off. Once it got
dark Sam and myself started to launch the rockets. First up was Sam's LOC Bruiser and if I
remember right it flew on a J motor. When the motor lite up the rocket took off in a big hurry.
The rocket flew on a long low arc. With the parachute popping out just 100 feet above the
ground. The rocket came to rest in a swamp so he will be able to get it back. Now it was my
turn to do a night launch. I had made sure I prep the rocket to make it as easy as possible to get
the rocket back. I had my beeper and a personal strobe light attached to the shock cord. With the
tall hay fields it would be very easy to loose the rocket. So once I counted down and hit the
button my motor came to life with a very bright white light. The flame was longer than my
IROC's 4 foot height. Plus it boosted straight up into the air for a perfect flight. Both me and
Sam lost sight of the rocket very quickly due to the long smoke trail. So have moving out of the
way of the smoke I looked up to see my IROC already under the chute with the little strobe light
blinking away.

Since I took so many precautions to make sure I could find the rocket in the tall grasses, guess
where the rocket decided to land. My IROC came down right into the middle of the crowd.. Boy
did they think that was neat. Now it was time for the final flight of the night. Sam had loaded
up his King Viper with three I motors. When I pushed the button all three motors came to light.
It was quite a sight to see a I motor cluster at night. It was just a sold column of light at the
bottom of the rocket as the Viper rose into the air. Those three flight made the long trip from
Pittsburgh worth while. So after things had settle down the firemen started the fire works. Sam
had gotten so good ones this year. It turns out that Sam MC a firework dealers show, so the
dealer pays Sam off with fireworks. So like I said at the beginning of this report June 19th was a
good day to fly rockets.