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CuO2 V0_1 Open Air test First rocket fuel mixure I ever made.

Cu02 V0_2A&B End Burn Test Second try at the copper forumal a little bit tweaked
And pack into an old Este D motor casing for a end burner

NaCl V0_1 Open Air Test First try at a bright yellow formula test.

NaCl V0_2A&B Open Air Test Change of formula to make more trustfull.

NaCl V0_3 Open Air Test Formala change decreased solids, color tweak, note flame
wasn't that big it was from camera movement in low light.

SrNO32 Open Air Test From the first mixture test of Stroium Nitrate mixture.

Motor1A Picture Second motor manafacture test. View from back end of case
and a cut up motor from the first test.

Motor1B Picture View from nozzel end

Motor1C Picture Sized view 29mm casing.