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Delamar 2003 Vacation Pictures


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Most of the shots here were taken at Beaver Run Dam State Park. Which
is Nevadas most remote state park. There are a few shots from the
Delamar Area and the rocket launch.

Sorry most of these shots are out of order. In fact these shot are
from my digtal camera which I didnt used much. I would have even
more good shot but some how I lost the rolls of film that I shot
before the launch. The funny thing is that I thought I had lost
these shots also but I got luck in that I found them on a machine
at work. I must have been showing my coworkers these shots.

Pic 001 - This shot was right out the back door
of my tent. What you are looking at is anceint ash fall
that has turned to solid rock. It was quite a neat view.

Pic 002 - Another shot of the ash fall. At Beaver Run
State Park. Another thing to realize is that the volcano
that created the ash is over ten miles away.

Pic 003 - At the bottom of the valley is a small stream that
flows into Beaver Run Dam Lake.

Pic 004 - The stream flows though some interesting rock outcrops

Pic 005 - And here is the lake. This state park is so remote it is
more than 20 miles off the nearest paved road. And it only a short
distant from the Utal border. And yes there Beaver at Beaver Run SP

Pic 006 - Below the dam and up a side canyon is a neat little hiking
trail that follows the side canyon. At the top of the canyon is this
cute little water fall.

Pic 007 - A neat shot of the Canyon and yes thats the moon

Pic 008 - This is a shot of a Delamar Dry Lake taken from the old
town site Delamar. Located ~8000 ft above sea level.

Pic 009 - Lookin into one of the Sliver Mines at Delamar. This whole
mountain is filled with old mines. And since this one was at the bottom
it had a nice cold breezed coming out of the mine. It only went back
~50 yards before the roof caved in.

Pic 010 - Hears Vince from Tripoli Vegas and a veiw back to the opening.

Pic 011, 012, 013, 014 - Ok I dont know how my cats got into these pictures
but here they are. Well they are cute...

Pic 015 - A view from the dam at Beaver Run Dam SP. Which is man made.

Pic 016 - Another cute water fall shot. By the way there were killer
mositeers at night at this park.

Pic 017 - Above the water fall was this man made well were the pioners
pipe the water down the valley.

Pic 018 - The canyon below the dam.

Pic 019 - Another Sliver Mine shot

Pic 020 - This is a shot of me and the Vector 3 rocket heading to an
altiude of 2 miles

Pic 021 - A close up shot of Vector 3