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Dragon Fire & Steel City Smoke Trial
October 11 & 12, 2003

Pictures By Christine Rial & Rob Carr


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RobCarr - Picture sent to me by Rob Carr
Christine 1 - My rebuilt Loc Hi-Tech 45 on a F25
Christine 2 - My Hi-Tech 45 on a G64
Christine 3 - My Tripoli Super Roc just about ready to start curving around.
Glider 1 - Todd Wuchevich Phoinex R/C Rocket Glider taking off
Glider 2 - The glider in the air and over head.

Christine1 - My "City of Pittsburgh" flying on a I-161. Went nice and high land
up on the other plateau in the weeds.

Christine2 - My IROC out of retirement for its first flight of a Aerotech
Redline H-165

Ernie1 - Erine Walters rocket and I forgot its name and motor.

Ernie2 - Erine Walters Dynacon level three prototype but it ended up on the
hill in one the tree my rockets like to hang out in.

Gilder1 - Information Pending?

Gilder2 - Information Pending? I think there Dave Rose's

Good1 - The other Good {Lance? } on a nice Redline

Haim1 - Walt & Phil 4x Mosiquo flying on a G motor, neat flight and the flame
looks longer than the rocket. It was resently repaired.

Haim2 - Same smaller version

Mark1 - Mark Mazzon rocket, it was an neat flight but sorry white rockets
against white backgrounds are hard to see.

Range1 & 2 & 3 - Range shots

Range4 - Dave Rose hard at work anouncing another flight

Rose1 - Father and Son Rose's preping there Miss Riley rocket. For another neat

Todd1 - Todd W. Warloc heading skywards.

Unknown1 - I think this is John S. Starburst rocket.

Unknown2 - A very neat shot of the Space Shuttle, But I dont remember taking
it. Is SOMEONE using my cammera???

William1 - Kreig Williams "New Rocket" {now old} flight for another prefect

William2 - Kreig's rocket under both chutes.