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Tripoli Pittsburgh My home club. It is also were Tripoli National all started back in 1964. A very good reference to the history of Tripoli Rocketry Association
Tripoli National Americas national high powered rocketry association
NASSA Research Rocketry A small but active research rocketry group. Based in Las Vegas Nevada their home field is the BALLS launch.
Pittsburgh Space Command Pittsburgh local NAR chapter, I also do the website for them. A well know organization in the contest rocketry group.
Tripoli Las Vegas My home away from home. They have some of the best flying areas right in there own back yards. Plus Nevada is one neat state to explore, plus it is close to California and the Grand Canyon.
Pittsburgh Launch Site
Driving Directions To The Tripoli Pittsburgh Launch Site
Enter Your Starting Address: {EX. 1234 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222}

Balls Launch Site
Driving Directions To Gerlach, NV / Balls Launch Site
Enter Your Starting Address: {EX. 1234 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222}

AED - RDAS The manufactures of the RDAS flight altimeter
Prefect Flight Manufacture of the Prefect Flight Mini/WD
Black Sky Manufacture of the AltAcc 2C flight altimeter
GWIZ Flight Computers Manufacture of the GWIZ line of flight altimeters
HyperTek First hybrid manufacture and the only pyro free hybrid.
Rattworks Manufacture of the Rattwork motors, and the first major change to hybrid design since the HyperTek motors came out. Also working on the first liquid fuel rocket the Tri-brid that might be certified.


Makers of a 38mm hybrid motor system. With motors ranging from H though J size. Working on a hybrid "G" size motor.
AeroTech One of the first and still the largest solid rocket motors for amateur use. They make composite motors ranging from "D" to "N" size.
Animal Motor Works The second largest manufacture of solid rocket motors. Originally based on Frank Kosdon design motors they have developed their own motor line now. Also in many different colors. Their cases are also good for EX use.
Performance Hobbies Popular rocket vendor based in the Washington DC area. Ken Allen has kits, motors, and rocket supplies
Magnum Rockets Ross is and rocket vendor based in the Columbus Ohio area he also has kit, motors, supplies
Just Rockets The rocket vendor for the Tripoli Vegas group. Based out of Las Vegas
What's Up Hobbies Andy's rocket shop based out of the Phoenix Arizona area
Photos By Nadine

She the best at getting great shot of your rocket taking off. Attends all the major launches.