Vacuum Lid For Propellant Mixer
I have been asked several times for a parts list for my vacuum lid. Below is the McMaster Carr part numbers for the parts that I used in creating my lid. It's has been some time since I have made my lid so I have notice that some part numbers have changed. Use this as a reference in creating your own lid, things like the vacuum gage is optional but are nice to have when your trying to trouble shoot your setup. Plus knowing how much vacuum your pulling might be useful if you are trying to create a vacuum chamber. The quick releases are usefully in separating the lid from the pump making it easier to transport, and the valve help to break the vacuum when the propellant starts to rise too fast. When you order your part just make sure the parts you get are rated for vacuum.
Vacuum Pump
At least 2.5 CFM vacuum
12 Foot Vacuum Rated Air Hose
The coiled hose keeps the hose out of the way.

Quick-Disconnect Hose Couplings plug
Make sure you get the correct M/F fitting

Quick-Disconnect Hose Couplings socket
Make sure you get the correct M/F fitting

Lever Valve
Not required, but it make life a lot easier

Vacuum Gage
Not required, but it is sure nice to have

1/4" to 1/8" Pipe Reducer
Required for vacuum gage

Pipe Cross
1/4" pipe tread sizes

Pipe Nipple
Needed to hook up cross to bulkhead

Bulkhead Panel Mount Thur Fitting
You will need an O-Ring to make it air tight

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets 12" x 12"
*** At least 3/8" thick, any thing thinner will crack under vacuum

Closed Cell High Density Foam Weatherstripping
Lowes Part Number# 66682
Gasket for lid to make it air tight

Photo's of my very well used system.