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Rials Laws Christine Rials Personal Laws
Tripoli Pittsburgh NOS Fees Tripoli Pittsburgh NOS Fees.
My Level 3 Documentation My Vector 3 rockets Level 3 documentation. The standard level three documents. And a very interesting way to make a rocket that could be shipped cheaply across America but still handle a larger M size motor.
History Of The Gloria Mundi This is the scanned version of the Gloria Mundi rocket. This is one of the rockets that made Tripoli Pittsburgh grow into high power rockerty. It was launch in 1969 long before the national organization was thought of. Also included is the history of the Gloria Mundi 2000 and the work in progress of Gloria Mundi 3 to be launch at BALLS 2005.
Surviving The Balls Launch What do you need to bring to the Black Rock Desert. And what is there to do in the desert and the surrounding Reno area.
Black Rock Point Climb The is an article that I did for the Balls website. This describes the climb to the top of Black Rock Point. It goes over how to get there and the easy way to the top.
Springs of the Black Rock Desert The is an article that I did for the Balls website. This describes how to get to the most popular hot springs the suround the desert. It covers the safty points of being around hot springs that could kill you.
Altitude vs Pressure How much air pressure is there at different altitudes. Great background information for testing high altitude rockets and altimeters
KPH To MPH Conversion Chart Just in case you find yourself driving in Europe
Vacuum Pump Lid The McMaster Carr Part Number To Make A Lid For Your Mixer
Material Safety Data Sheets Here are all the MSDS sheets for all the different chemicals used in amateur rocketry. A must read for anyone wanting to mix their own motors. These will teach you how to handle and store the chemicals safely.
Club PA System A good PA system is a must have for having a safe launch. This will tell you how to build a PA system that has multiple speakers and is expandable. Has been used for years now, waiting for me to document it.
Low Cost Rocket Video How to put together a low cost rocket system to be used in mid and high power rockets. This will be using a small 2.4 Ghz camera / transmitter. And a portable dish antenna to receive and amplify the weak 10mW signal.