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Rocket Name: Status
John Z Rial Designed
On Hold
Named After my father John Z Rial, who would have really loved this hobby. This rocket will be the sister ship to the Ez Hy 835. The only thing different will be that this will use the 62 mm motor mount for the Rattworks bigger motors & hopefully the the new Tri-Bird!

This rocket is on hold since the parts are being used for fixing the Ez-Hy 835, also due to the delay on Tri-Bird.

Rocket Name: Status
Desert Dart &
Javalin Booster
Air Frame Is Almost Done
Electronics On Order
This will be an unpowered dart. The booster will contain a O size motor boosting the dart to high altidutes. The Dart will contain a lot of electronics. Including GPS for recovery, Telemetery down link for rocket status and recovery. Plus video down link for a good view from 35,000 feet.

Very Early Design Plans
Note! Plans Have Been Updated From This Release
The Booster Has Been Given The Name Javalin And Can Be Flown By Itself

Rocket Name: Status
Vector "D" Early Design Planing &
Concept Testing
This is the continuation of the Vector rocket design. I have been testing different parts of this rocket before build the any flight hardware. Still some time away from building any flight ready hardware.